Friday, October 21, 2011



BOARD STANDS from Jeff Casper on Vimeo.
Height adjustable board stands.  SUP/surfboard display, repair, fin changing & shaping stands... adaptable to all types of boards from shortboards & fish to guns & paddleboards.  Hand built using reclaimed, remilled redwood support pieces w/recycled wool felt pads + a mixed species hardwood internal framework.  The weighted base is made from recycled glass, reinforced with hemp fiber & cast in SuperSap epoxy bioresin.  This composite mixture was overmolded over the internal hardwood frame which houses the integrated sealed precision bearing rollerblade wheels for easy location relocation.

© 2011 Jeff Casper



Sunday, January 23, 2011

100+ wave day...

Surfing merry-go-round yesterday... a moon driven dropping tide, glassy water & solo on a point break (except for the little shark I saw)... counted the waves I caught... on my 45th, I had caught a wave to match my age... @ 83 rides, one guy joined me for barreling take offs off the rock... continued trading off catching pulses of longperiod bliss... over a hundred waves carved... a choice workout for the soul!