Thursday, August 5, 2010

5th of July paddle testing

The conditions were sweet, but the shoulder-hoppin' kooks were also in fine form... for those who are learning to paddlesurf, there are basic rules of etiquette which one needs to become familar with before heading out to the lineup... rather than having the earned experience of "wave knowledge", often the wave catches these novices, propelling them along with minimal understanding of the reprecussions of their true lack of control... not only is it lame to shoulder-hop onto a wave & potentially agravating to the deepest positioned surfer, but it can also be very dangerous... these sequences illustrate what NOT to do while SUP surfing.  Personally, I enjoy sharing waves with people, taking "party waves" & riding with friends who I trust have a grip on the dynamics... the strangers in these shots are lucky that I take a relatively passive approach to this individual sport (others may not be so mellow)... after all it was the day after independance day... time to be free!!! 

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casperworks said...

*credit to Frank Perna with these nice seqences... thanks Frank!