Tuesday, August 3, 2010

hydrobiomorphic SUP paddle

This was an experimental paddle built with a solid divinicel (PVC foam) core... it is a monocoque construction of tinted epoxy resin combined with hemp/silk + S-glass around the divincel core... the bone-like extruded "T" shape of the shaft provides controlled flex & twist... the stepped, rounded-diamond-leaf-shaped blade provides smooth water entry & release with slight flex at the mid-section of the blade... the offset, ergonomic handle positions the top hand in a way that is more comfortable for the wrist & elbow, providing better torque while paddling... the handle & grip point on the shaft are treated with a salt surface texture for non-slippage... the ultra-flexible design provides a snappy "push" to the stroke, while the blade shape allows the paddle to be used as a fin for surf manuvers such as "cut-backs" or "fin-pivoting-bottom-turns"... custom built as a birthday gift for Chris Gough © 2009 Jeffrey Kirk Casper

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