Thursday, August 26, 2010

Night surfing

There were three of us on SUPs & one prone surfer... I had a red/green bow light (that's made for a zodiac) & a white stern LED light that I epoxied onto the tail of the board + a waterproof flashlight on my paddle & a glowstick around theneck... the other guys all had glowsticks too, so we wouldn't hit each other! We also tied a glowstick to a string & anchored it to a rock... sunk it near the take off spot. So disorienting riding in moonlight! Craig broke his leash on a big set & had to swim in with his paddle... then lost all four fins & a massive ding on his rail/bottom... he made it to the beach & returned to the fire to polish off a bottle of wine!?! Super fun night on the water!!!

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